Nailbiter Colorist Goes G Rated for 35th Anniversary Fiddler

The Village Hat Shop has hired Adam Guzowski, famed colorist of the R rated Nailbiter comics, to design a logo for the 35th anniversary of The Village Hat Shop. Nailbiter, … Continue Reading →


Put a Hat On or You’ll Catch a Cold?

Worried mothers everywhere are always telling their kids to “put a hat on or you’ll catch a cold”. With winter upon us we thought it would be a good time … Continue Reading →


How Should You Cap Your Ride?

Is that even a question? Well, according to cyclists yes, this is THE question; a very serious and debated topic among real cyclists and followers of the sport. Even I, … Continue Reading →


What is My Hat Size?

It is Holiday time and at this time more than any other time of year we have new and more hat buyers over the Internet. Customers are purchasing hats for … Continue Reading →


Top 7 Hats for Halloween

Each year, we offer the following advise to our customers with regard to Halloween costume ideas: “Start at the Top”. Whether you are looking for an authentic cowboy hat to complete your … Continue Reading →


Hats on the Scene: Hell on Wheels

Warning! This synopsis may contain spoilers. ♫ Whistle while you work  ♫ Well… not too loud, because you wouldn’t be whistling for very long. Railroad boss might shoot you for not … Continue Reading →


What Hat Is That? Chris Brown Dancers Wear Jaxon on Tonight Show

The Pachuco C-Crown Fedora was sported by Chris Brown’s backup dancers last night on Jimmy Fallon. The ensemble included Chris Brown singing a medley of hit hits X and Loyal. … Continue Reading →


Escaping Paparazzi… Hat on Head

There are few things more perplexing to myself than the obsession over details of a celebrity’s personal life. Recently, I caught an episode of ‘Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man’ while over … Continue Reading →


Hat Gods: A Top 7

I am by no means a religious scholar and some Gods shown below may not even be Gods; they may be prophets or even men. I believe all the winners … Continue Reading →


Max Gentlemen: Using Hats to Push the Bounds of Stacker Games

The brilliant minds of American programming outfit, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, bring us the next sentimental nugget of cellphone gaming.  Max Gentlemen is a game that takes a … Continue Reading →