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Periodically, I am accused by Hat Blog readers of not being focused enough on my core business. These people argue that I write too much about general ecommerce issues, the Internet, restaurant or book reviews, and the like. The message is "give me more about hats."

Okay, I hear you. My resolution this year is to refocus squarely on our products. I’ll be attending more trade shows around the world, visiting factories, adding hats and vendors to our web site. We’ll add more hat related content too; hats are a never ending story (past, present, and future).

Most importantly, I’ll be adding my two-cents to the design team. In fact, I have already begun. The more heads that are thinking about our products – styling, materials, trimmings, sweatbands, workmanship particulars, size and fit, etc. – the better. Bruce Zales (Jaxon designer) Susan Lee (sur la tete designer) and their assistants do a stellar job, but every additional person attending to this most fundamental aspect of our business brings a different perspective. Our customers come from every walk of life, are every age, live on all parts of the planet, and are both men and women. So, the more diverse our buyers and designers, the better and broader our selection will be. And, there was a time that I did this job essentially myself, so getting back to this indispensable work is something I am very comfortable with. I am enjoying getting "back to the future".

Here are a couple of hats that I’ve recently brought to the party: 1. The Dario Panama Hat: This genuine Panama hat body is hand woven in Ecuador. These unblocked, bigger than usual hats (3 ¾ inch brims) are then sent to Germany where the venerable Mayser Hat Company blocks and finishes the hat to our quality specifications. Quantities are very limited. 2. The Tyrolean Dreispitz: A classic hat that is an icon for the Alpine region of Europe. Dreispitz in German translates to tricorne which refers to the three dents in the crown. 3. The entire Hills Hats of New Zealand line. There are more. Keep checking our New Hats for Men and New Hats for Women pages.

Thanks to those readers who have asked for more hats, more hat information, more hat images, more hat blog postings. You asked for it, you got it. [That used to be Toyota’s slogan – not so good these days (uh-oh, I need to stay focused on my task).]

Fred Belinsky

About the author

Fred Belinsky Fred Belinsky is the president and founder of Village Hat Shop. You can find him on . Since 1980, Fred has traveled the world in search of headwear that delivers superior value to his customers. When launched in 1997, it became the first website to allow shoppers the opportunity to buy hats online. soon followed. In the 1970's, Fred was an educator in his home state of Michigan.

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