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  • October 13, 2011
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Hats From Around the WorldChina, China, Asia, India, Vietnam, China. Enough already. It may come as a surprise to some, but the world outside of Asia has always manufactured stuff, including headwear. Today, China may be the epicenter for low priced apparel, but the world is still highly competitive when it comes to quality of materials, design, and workmanship.

In business today there is considerable emphasis on the importance of being a global brand. The argument is straight-forward-if you want to remain robust, your business needs to seek customers everywhere. As Internet merchants, we have been enthusiastic participants in this retail evolution. As a natural consequence of having customers everywhere on the planet, and fulfillment centers in San Diego and London, we have become increasingly more connected with hat manufactures that heretofore have had very little exposure in North America. It’s been eye-opening (and great fun I may add) to find, visit, and ultimately purchase and distribute fine hats from so many talented and venerable hatters from around the world. Some of these companies have been in business for over 100 years, and most are run by the descendants of the founders.

Visit our Hats from Around the World page where you’ll find cut-and-sewn hats and caps made from exclusive fabrics from City Sport (Belgium), Wigens (Sweden), and Hill Hats (New Zealand). See Borsalino (Italy), Signes (Spain), and Bigalli (Ecuador) for the highest quality straws and felts finely finished by master hatters. For top quality hand-knit woolens see Highland Knitwear (England) and Peruvian Trading Company (Peru). Also, our Jaxon Basque Beret is made in Spain’s Basque Country by a 163-year old beret manufacturer. We will be adding to this impressive list in 2012, so stay tuned.

We’re proud to welcome these new hat companies to our existing stable of better known international hat manufacturers. At Village Hat Shop you’ll also find Biltmore, Tilley, and Parkhurst (Canada), BC Hats and Akubra (Australia), Aegean (Greece), and Christy’s of London (England).

It’s high time, in this increasingly smaller world, that North Americans have the opportunity to purchase hats from fine hat manufacturers in all corners of the globe. Village Hat Shop customers – Enjoy.
Fred Belinsky

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