Celebrating America – Hats Made in the USA

  • By Kimi Sakamoto
  • November 6, 2012
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You may be surprised to learn that hats are still being manufactured in the USA, even with apparel manufacturing moving in large part to Asia. Hats made in America have a well-deserved fame for quality and styling that hat manufacturers in this country have gained over the centuries. We’re glad to say that the quality and style in American made hats are still alive today. The Village Hat Shop is proud to partner with companies like Stetson Hats, Henschel Hats,  Bailey Hats and many other companies who manufacture their hats in the USA. Keep reading for a brief history on these brands that still manufacture their hats in the USA.

Stetson Hats

It all started with John B. Stetson, in 1865, when he rented a small room, bought the tools he needed, and bought $10 worth of fur. A year later the “Hat of the West” or the now famous “Boss of the Plains” hat was born and the name Stetson was on its way to becoming the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty.

Early on a hatter was seen as unreliable, lazy or aloof, only looking to make his money and go have fun. John B. Stetson changed all that and built one of America’s most well-known and successful businesses. The longevity and history of the John B. Stetson Company is based on innovation and quality!

One of the most well known hat companies that manufacture their hats in America is Stetson, with one of the largest hat factories in the country—located in Garland, Texas—producing a line of hats in hundreds of different styles and colors. Despite the size of their factory, classic styling and premium quality remain as their driving force behind each and every hat. As a result, Stetson hats are the most well known hats in the world. Wherever and whenever hats are discussed Stetson will be mentioned.

Stetson is the standard in hats, the essence of the spirit of the West and an icon of everyday American lifestyle. Because of its authentic American heritage, Stetson remains as a part of history and for the same reason will continue into the future.

Henschel Hats

The Henschel Hat Company of Saint Louis, MO has been in business since 1947, and after three generations, is still creating quality American made headwear. With increased competition from overseas companies, Henschel has remained strong and are committed to continue bringing their customers quality headwear products “Made in the USA”. Henschel utilizes the best possible materials, the latest styles, and cutting edge technology to produce their headwear. They’re dedicated to providing jobs in the US, keeping customer prices competitive and making sure customers are receiving products that consistently meet or exceed their highest expectations in quality and style.

Bailey Hats

Bailey began producing fine headwear in 1922, priding itself on founder George Bailey’s emphasis on the importance of a professionally crafted hat. Today, they’re known for the craftsmanship, innovative design and luxury fibers and fabrics including fur felt, wool felt, leather, LiteFelt, genuine Panama, wool, linen and cashmere with a large portion of the Bailey Collection still being produced in the United States at the Bollman Hat Factory located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.

Simply put, Bailey Hats is a trendsetter. In the 1920’s, classic styles such as fedoras, godfathers and derbies were engineered and popularized by Bailey Hats, as they were seen on silver screen icons like Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart. These individually handcrafted hats last a lifetime and always carry a strong and sophisticated look.

With the foundation of a long and proud heritage, world-renowned quality, innovation, and fashion forward styling, Bailey continues to be a leader in the western, fashion and casual hat arena for men.


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