Hat Trends for Winter 2012

Over the years, hats have become more than just a practical item. It’s a fashion statement that can either complete your look or help you stand out. With winter arriving quickly, we’re here to tell you what hat styles will be trendy this season.

Fur Hats

Fur might be an obvious look for winter, but you can’t deny that fur is beautiful and luxurious making it popular for women of all ages and fashion tastes.

Are you curious as to how to wear fur hats? Well, good news – fur hats are quite versatile. You don’t have to be travelling to extremely cold regions to don a fur hat. There are almost no restrictions, you can wear them with leather pants, jeans, velvet skirts or prints, and with nearly any style of clothing and footwear.

Here are some similar looks that you can incorporate into your everyday look.

1) Jaxon Rain Resistant Trapper Hat 

2) sur la tete Dakota Bretton Hat

3) Betmar Cervinia Cloche Hat

4) Betmar Vecchia Beret

Cowboy Hats

Western hats aren’t typically popular with fashionistas, but that’s changing this fashion season. Cowboy hats are going to play a significant role this winter.

The best way to wear your cowboy hat this season is with a cropped jacket and leather gloves for those cold winter days. If you don’t have a leather jacket but still want to incorporate a cowboy hat into your wardrobe, go ahead and add anything with zippers for a chic stylish look. To spice up your look opt for brighter colors and edgy accessories.

This look isn’t your everyday look, but it’d be just right for a music festival or road trip across the country.

Check out our winter 2012 cowboy hat suggestions.

1) Jaxon Western Cowboy Hat

2) Jaxon Sedona Cowboy Hat

3) Resistol Challenger Western Hat

Cloche Hats

Are you going for a feminine look? If so, the cloche hat is for you. Made popular in the 1920s, cloche hats are now bringing elegance and sophistication to our fashion era.

Since cloche hats are very feminine, we recommend wearing them with dresses, skirt suits, trench coats and chic coats. If you’re going for a smart look, wear your cloche hat with court shoes, classic high boots, or a pair of leather gloves.

Cloche hats dress up your look with elegance and sophistication, so they’d be perfect for holiday parties, weddings, and even cocktail parties and unofficial gatherings.

Get the sophisticated elegant look with our cloche hat suggestions.

1) Scala Cloche Pleather Flower Hat

2) sur la tete Plaid Cloche Hat

3) Carlos Santana Europa Cloche Hat

Fedora Hats

Probably one of the most versatile hats, fedoras were first designed for men in the 19th century. They are now worn by both men and women and best of all, they can be worn with everything!

For a feminine look, wear your fedora with a printed dress or for a more masculine look wear it with trousers and a shirt.

Fedoras are always appropriate. The best thing about them is that you can wear them anywhere, any occasion and any place.

Find your fashionista fedora with help from our suggestions.

1) Christys’ Crown Ella Floppy Fedora Hat

2) Jaxon C-Crown Crushable Fedora Hat

3) Bailey Jackman Fedora Hat

Top Hats

It may come as a surprise to you, but top hats are making a come back! In previous decades, they were only worn as accessories for drama costumes but now they’re making their way back to modern fashion. So don’t be alarmed when you see someone donning a top hat in the streets or on the runway.

Top hats aren’t the most versatile hat around, but they’re the perfect hat to wear at the opera or a themed party. You can also experiment with this new trend and wear it on the street, but in this case make sure the focus is on the top hat and nothing distracts from it.

 1) Jaxon Mid Crown Top Hat

2) Jaxon Victorian Top Hat

Gaucho Hats

If you don’t think you can pull off a top hat, opt for a gaucho hat. They’re both stylish and exquisite, and will easily show off your feminine side.

Gaucho hats are not normally worn on the streets. Most of the time you see them at polo events or occasions similar to those. However, every new season brings new rules and that means you can wear your gaucho hat in a few different ways this winter. Many designers pair gaucho hats with strapless cocktail dresses and austere trouser suits. But don’t be shy, you can always try something bolder.

For an elegant touch, add this simple black Golden Gate Gaucho Hat to your weekend attire.

What trend are you going to try?

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