Hats Galore

Eyes wide open, head turning from side-to-side, taking in the multitude of hats….a kaleidoscope of colors and styles. How many times did I see this at the Village Hat Shop? Over and over and over. The first thing the customer would say: “Oh, wow, I really wish people wore hats these days.” Really? I would bite my tongue, but sometimes I couldn’t keep from saying, “You know, we’re not a museum.”

As the #1 seller of hats online and 4 thriving California brick and mortar stores, I can attest to the fact that people DO wear hats. Hats for the beach. Hats for hiking. Hats for working in the yard. Hats for weddings and funerals.

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I can find a reason to wear a hat for just about everything I do. You won’t find me at the beach without my large brimmed sunhat. Many of our hats at the Village Hat Shop are SPF rated for excellent face and head protection.

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Even though I live in California where it rarely rains I have several rain hats, keeping one in my car at all times instead of an umbrella. Unlike carrying an umbrella, wearing a rain hat leaves you hands-free (less trips from the car to the house with those grocery bags). When the weekend rolls around, I start with the hat and coordinate the rest of my outfit from there. Whether it’s for fashion or function, a good hat is an important part of everyone’s wardrobe.

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So, remember, the Village Hat Shop is not a hat museum. We encourage you to touch, to pick them up. Don’t be afraid to try one on. And if your next comment is, “I can’t wear hats. They don’t look good on me.” I will say to you, “You just haven’t found the right hat. Let me help you.”

About the author

Viki Spector Viki Spector has worked at Village Hat Shop since 1999 as Manager of the Old Sacramento store and in recent years, General Manager of all the 'brick and mortar' stores. Now turning her knowledge of the hat industry and retail to writing and editing for the online channel. Born in the Missouri Ozarks and landing in northern California via Chicago with a background in art, advertising and raising 3 kids, Viki brings a unique perspective to this side of the business. And people have always told her she looked good in hats.

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