What Hat Is That? Chris Brown Dancers Wear Jaxon on Tonight Show

  • By Zach Belinsky
  • September 12, 2014
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The Pachuco C-Crown Fedora was sported by Chris Brown’s backup dancers last night on Jimmy Fallon. The ensemble included Chris Brown singing a medley of hit hits X and Loyal. He was supported by unique talents of The Roots and the highlight, the backup dancers.

The dancers wore black jackets, black dress shirts, black shoes and stretchy black pants to accommodate their high level dance maneuvers.   In the spirit of Frank Miller, though, the dancers served as a black canvases to be accentuated by three bold red highlights: gloves, face mask and last but certainly not least, the Pachuco C-Crown Fedora.

pachuco-c-crown-crushable-fedora-hatPauchuco refers to the 1950’s Hispanic movement favoring Zoot Suit style dress appropriating the best influences of the swinging 1920’s and classic Godfather-style garb.[1] Here the Chris Brown renews this bold yet sleek look to his own cutting edge music.

The hat is 100% wool felt. Its four inch crown and 2 3/8 snap brim both allow you to snap the brim down and wear it low for clubbing until morning or snap the brim up and wear it high for formal affairs. This is accentuated by a 1 1/2 inch grosgrain band and a variable yet removable side feather also perfect for a variety of occasions. Inside, the cotton sweatband and unlined crown give your head the right balance of insulation and protection.

Regardless of how you decided to wear the Pachuco, there is no doubt these dancers nailed it on Fallon last night. Below, you see them with their arms flung wildly yet still exerting perfect control of their bodies. In doing so they captured the spirit of the Pachuco perfectly. The Pachuco exudes ready for anything adventure but is still controlled, sophisticated and responsible. The Pachuco is one of many in the Jaxon Hats line created by international hat designer, Bruce Zales.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachuco

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