Put a Hat On or You’ll Catch a Cold?

  • By Adam Guzowski
  • December 29, 2014
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Worried mothers everywhere are always telling their kids to “put a hat on or you’ll catch a cold”. With winter upon us we thought it would be a good time to do a little myth-busting and see how true this hat saying is. Body heat will escape from any exposed area, upwards of 50% can be lost through your head if you’re bundled up tight elsewhere. As the temperature plummets below freezing it’s just as important to keep your head covered as the rest of your appendages. As your body temperature drops, you become more susceptible to colds and other illnesses.


Photo via Stormy Kromer

Choosing the right hat is also important, you’ll want to pick a fabric like wool, polyester, or other types the will wick away sweat. Many outdoor activity’s such as running, sledding, and shoveling snow can cause sweat even in cold temperatures. You’ll want to avoid cotton as this will absorb sweat and become damp.


Style is another important concentration when picking the right winter hat. While the beanie is a classic choice for cold weather, there are many warmer and stylish options. For instance, trapper hats and cossacks are a great option for both men and women. Men looking to keep warm while maintaining a refined look may lean towards flat caps or fedoras that offer fold out ear flaps. Women tend to look great in berets regardless of the season, but keep in mind that are great for cold weather.

Hats from top brands like Wigens, Columbia Sportswear, and Jaxon Hats offer many stylish options that are perfect for keeping you and your family warm, healthy, and looking great all winter long. A good hat can be just as important as a coat, boots & gloves in colder weather. So as always, kids of any age should heed mom’s advice and put a hat on.

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Adam Guzowski Adam Guzowski is photographer and assistant graphic designer for Village Hat Shop, one of the largest retailer of hats and head wear online. An avid lover of the arts, Adam also freelances as a colorist and illustrator. His work has been published by many comic book publishers, including Image Comics, Red 5, Boom Studios, and Archaia Entertainment.

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