Hats on the Scene: Now You See Me 2: The Second Act

  • By Zach Belinsky
  • June 22, 2016
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Jaxon Toyo Braid Pork Pie Launches Film to Over $50M in Revenue.

Warning! This synopsis may contain spoilers.

The Gray Toyo Braid Pork Pie, a Jaxon core product, made more than a cameo in summer blockbuster Now You See Me 2.  With more screen time than the movies major villain, Daniel Radcliff of Harry Potter fame, it should not come as a surprise if the hat receives a bit of buzz for best supporting actor this coming Oscar season.

In the movie’s most promoted scene four protagonists use their sleight of hand and card chucking skills to avoid detection of a stolen microchip. The real magic in the scene, however, is the graceful rigidity of Woody Harrelson’s Jaxon Gray Toyo Braid Pork Pie Hat.  The Jaxon staple helps to hide the contraband property provide misdirection to baffle some evil stooges and, most importantly, complete Merritt McKinney’s (Woody’s Character) smooth and dapper persona.

HarrlesonLeftThe hat also plays a vital role in helping distinguish Merritt from his evil twin brother (also played by Mr. Harrelson). The evil twin has hair-plugs that look like a bad wig. The hatless evil twin is also boring and grating on camera appears Botox ridden and frankly could have easily been written out of the plot. Furthermore, Woody
seems to lose his ability to act when playing the evil twin.  We knowhitejumpw, however, that Woody can play a villain flawlessly as he nailed the role as the deadbeat boyfriend in White Men Can’t Jump. The difference, or course, he was wearing a hat.

So what has Now You See Me Two really taught us? If you want to appear old and fake, come across annoying and lose your ability to act then get a perm. If you want to look great, live life at the top of your game, and have magic in your life—get a Jaxon.

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