Hats on the Scene: Hell on Wheels

  • By Chad Frakes
  • September 16, 2014
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Warning! This synopsis may contain spoilers. ♫ Whistle while you work  ♫ Well… not too loud, because you wouldn’t be whistling for very long. Railroad boss might shoot you for not … Continue Reading →


Skin’s Best Friend

The end of Summer is nearing. Though, one would be hard pressed to imagine it as so, given the current temperatures. However, over these long summer months – months of … Continue Reading →


Boardwalk Empire Attire

Boardwalk Empire is a symbolic showcase of the Prohibition period in American history, 1920’s to 30’s. Chock full of the definitive staples of the era- newsboy caps, fedoras, zoot suits, … Continue Reading →


Hats for Summer Festivals

Are you going to Coachella Week 2? How about Sasquatch? Lollapalooza? Before you venture off to those epic summer festivals that everyone wants to attend, you need a hat for that … Continue Reading →

Snow pics

Save Face (Head) from the Polar Vortex

  • By Chad Frakes
  • January 29, 2014
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Brrrrrr! OK, it’s SUBARCTIC out there! Waking up each morning and bundling into layers upon layers of clothes is daunting. After donning all those winter clothes, a once over in … Continue Reading →