If a Store is Good, People Will Find it

Unfortunately, a lot of Internet marketing is about tricking the shopper. What do I mean? I’ve been attending Internet marking conferences since the beginning days of the World Wide Web. … Continue Reading →

Ecommerce - A Merchant's Perspective

eCommerce 2011: A Merchant’s Perspective

There’s a great deal of talk about how ecommerce has escaped the recession. For example, comScore© indicates a 12% increase in online retail spending for the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year. If intending to draw conclusions for merchants who run small online businesses, this data requires examination.
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Taking Account of Ourselves

These good old days are long gone. If you build it now, they will not come-unless you do a whole lot of other things well, and work it very hard. VillageHatShop.com has come a long way in this short time; if we hadn’t we would not still be here.
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Hats and Literature: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

One finds never-ending examples of hats being used to convey nuanced – or not so nuanced – ideas. Here are a few examples plucked from my latest read, Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield.
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The Other Hat from South America

After Panama, the second South American hat material that comes most immediately to mind is the wool and alpaca hats that we associate with the people living in Peru’s Andes Mountains. Although at The Village Hat Shop we’ve been selling Panama hats consistently throughout our thirty-year history, we have never been able to find a reliable vendor for these Peruvian hats. Until now!
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Put on a New Hat and Head Over to the Art Museum

As a younger man, when I needed to change things up/to get out of a rut, I would grab my backpack and make my way – usually with my thumb – to a wilderness area. I’m too old for that now; and, anyway, hitchhiking doesn’t cut it these days. So, in need of a new route to clearing my cluttered cranium, I put on a new hat and headed over to “Viva La Revolution”
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It’s About the Hats

Many new hats are coming. For now, new hats include 1. The Jaxon Panama Dario with Chin Cord, 2. The Montecristi Fedora, and 3. The entire collection from Beaver Brands.
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Blue Skies, Do They Matter to China’s Future?

How important are blue skies? I don’t mean metaphorical blue skies, but literal blue skies. Earlier this month I returned from China. For the first time, I was struck by the general discontentment of my employee there, Chinese born and raised.
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Waving the White Flag

I now believe “the customer service problem” is a blameless generational difference in world views.
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Straw Hats

There is a book – perhaps even a serious scholarly research project – waiting to be written on the rich and varied subject of straw hats.
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