VillageHatShop.com – 15th Holiday Season on the Web

This Holiday Season marks our 15th consecutive online (32nd overall).  Yes, we were here selling on the “World Wide Web” when ecommerce was an infant.   Much content from our early … Continue Reading →


The Major Challenge in This Economy

Albeit our problems could be worse, this recession has provided us a glimpse of what happens to people when they become desperate by circumstances out of their control.  This is … Continue Reading →

Ecommerce - A Merchant's Perspective

eCommerce 2011: A Merchant’s Perspective

There’s a great deal of talk about how ecommerce has escaped the recession. For example, comScore© indicates a 12% increase in online retail spending for the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year. If intending to draw conclusions for merchants who run small online businesses, this data requires examination.
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Blue Skies, Do They Matter to China’s Future?

How important are blue skies? I don’t mean metaphorical blue skies, but literal blue skies. Earlier this month I returned from China. For the first time, I was struck by the general discontentment of my employee there, Chinese born and raised.
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Waving the White Flag

I now believe “the customer service problem” is a blameless generational difference in world views.
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