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A Rose is a Rose is a Hat? Part 1

You may think a hat is just a hat.   Beret, babushka, pillbox, porkpie, planter.   Tyrolean, Tam O’Shanter,  fedora, flat cap, fez – I could keep going.  Still think a … Continue Reading →

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Made in America – A Hat History or What Do Yankee Doodle and Brad Pitt Have in Common?

The Pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock were wearing hats. Hats that they, obviously, brought with them from the old country. In those days, a hat was an integral part … Continue Reading →

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My Hat Travelogue

It’s summer again.  My mind is wandering.  Summer = vacation, right?  After many years working in a hat shop, I have quite the hat collection.  I started to think about … Continue Reading →

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Hat Trends for Winter 2012

Over the years, hats have become more than just a practical item. It’s a fashion statement that can either complete your look or help you stand out. With winter arriving … Continue Reading →

It’s About the Hats

Many new hats are coming. For now, new hats include 1. The Jaxon Panama Dario with Chin Cord, 2. The Montecristi Fedora, and 3. The entire collection from Beaver Brands.
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