Hats Galore

Eyes wide open, head turning from side-to-side, taking in the multitude of hats….a kaleidoscope of colors and styles. How many times did I see this at the Village Hat Shop? … Continue Reading →


Celebrating America – Hats Made in the USA

You may be surprised to learn that hats are still being manufactured in the USA, even with apparel manufacturing moving in large part to Asia. Hats made in America have … Continue Reading →


VillageHatShop.com – 15th Holiday Season on the Web

This Holiday Season marks our 15th consecutive online (32nd overall).  Yes, we were here selling on the “World Wide Web” when ecommerce was an infant.   Much content from our early … Continue Reading →

Hats From Around the World

Hats From Around the World

China, China, Asia, India, Vietnam, China. Enough already. It may come as a surprise to some, but the world outside of Asia has always manufactured stuff, including headwear. Today, China … Continue Reading →

Ecommerce - A Merchant's Perspective

eCommerce 2011: A Merchant’s Perspective

There’s a great deal of talk about how ecommerce has escaped the recession. For example, comScore© indicates a 12% increase in online retail spending for the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period last year. If intending to draw conclusions for merchants who run small online businesses, this data requires examination.
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Signes Hats

Signes European Fine Men’s Hats

  We arrived in Alicante Spain and were picked up at the airport by Jose Signes. We headed to a restaurant in a small fishing village on the Mediterranean where … Continue Reading →

Village Hat Shop - Flagship Store - Hillcrest (San Diego, CA)

A Retail Store

Village Hat Shop Flagship Store – 3821 4th Avenue – San Diego, CA 92103 Every retail store is unique; upon arrival, all the senses are stirred. At its best, entering … Continue Reading →

Taking Account of Ourselves

These good old days are long gone. If you build it now, they will not come-unless you do a whole lot of other things well, and work it very hard. VillageHatShop.com has come a long way in this short time; if we hadn’t we would not still be here.
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Put on a New Hat and Head Over to the Art Museum

As a younger man, when I needed to change things up/to get out of a rut, I would grab my backpack and make my way – usually with my thumb – to a wilderness area. I’m too old for that now; and, anyway, hitchhiking doesn’t cut it these days. So, in need of a new route to clearing my cluttered cranium, I put on a new hat and headed over to “Viva La Revolution”
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It’s About the Hats

Many new hats are coming. For now, new hats include 1. The Jaxon Panama Dario with Chin Cord, 2. The Montecristi Fedora, and 3. The entire collection from Beaver Brands.
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