CATS IN HATS or Should Your Pet Be Seen in Public in a Hat?

Cats in hats.  Dogs in hats. Chicks and lizards and horses, oh my.  People love their pets.  And when hat-loving people have pets – watch out!  In reality, pets probably don’t need to wear hats for the same reasons us humans do. Sun protection?  They have fur, or feathers, or scales for that.   Fashion?  Maybe, if the occasion calls for it.  Basically,  it’s just because they look so darn cute.

In Top Hats

blog pets6 blog pets15 blog pets7 

In Sun Hats

blog pets2 blog pets blog pets17 blog pets32 

And Fun Hats

blog pets5 blog pets20 blog pets34 blog pets 16

Even Berets, Sombreros & Cowboy Hats

blog pets14 blog pets11 blog pets3 blog pets9 blog pets27 blog pets30 blog pets4

Party Hats

blog pets12 blog pets19 blog pets23 blog pets35

And ‘Watch Out For The Ears’ Hats.

blog pets26 blog pets24 blog pets36

Anything Can Be A Hat

blog pets25 blog pets8 blog pets21 blog pets29

More Fun – We Match!

blog pets31 blog pets33 blog pets13 blog pets37

Yikes!  MY CAT IS A HAT!

blog pet cathat blog pets cathat1 blog pets cathat3 blog pets cathat2

Are you smiling?  Hats (and pets) can do that to people.   Spread the hat love.

About Viki Spector

Viki Spector has worked at Village Hat Shop since 1999 as Manager of the Old Sacramento store and in recent years, General Manager of all the 'brick and mortar' stores. Now turning her knowledge of the hat industry and retail to writing and editing for the online channel. Born in the Missouri Ozarks and landing in northern California via Chicago with a background in art, advertising and raising 3 kids, Viki brings a unique perspective to this side of the business. And people have always told her she looked good in hats.