Coachella Week 2: YOUR Style

Now this is what we're talking about.  Hats hats hats!  You've made us all so proud!  This past weekend, Coachella continued to rage with numerous toppers all with unique flair.  

(photographs courtesy of Urban Outfitters Facebook and H&M Facebook)

In a sea of baseball caps and sunglasses, he stands out wearing a wide brimmed brown fedora.

Oscar the grouch? No way!  How could anyone be grouchy with a style like this!

Whether you prefer flowers or a wide brim floppy sun hat, these two have the feminine look down.

If Coachella has taught us one thing, it is the return of the modern cowboy.  Yee-haw!

She keeps it cool and classy with a simple Nike baseball cap.

Totally on trend with a wide brim floppy hat, this is the hat of the season, two thumbs way up!

One of our favorites of Coachella!  Straw hats and summer go hand in hand but this year it's all about pattern.  This hat is a must-have of the summer!

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