Kentucky Derby Hats – The Day After

And it’s over…………….!  Now what do I do with my hat?

I often wonder where all those outrageous Kentucky Derby hats go on Sunday after the races.  For weeks, women agonize over the color, flowers vs feathers, fascinator or wide brim – so many decisions to make before you find the perfect hat.

You know, I always recommend getting the hat first, then the dress.  Accessorizing the hat with the right dress, shoes, jewelry is so much easier!  And when you find the right hat, you know it instantly.  So what happens after the race?  You’ve been the center of attention at the party in your fabulous hat, now what?

I doubt many show up in church.

Maybe they sleep in and go for a stroll by the river like Sunday in the Park by George Seurat.

Or if your Kentucky Derby hat started out as a wide brimmed sunhat to which you added the ‘extravaganza’ due the Derby – feathers, flowers, ribbon, some sparkle,  your hat could be deconstructed and continue by your side, rather, on your head for the rest of the summer.

Flamingo HatJeanne Simmons Lace Swinger

Poolside or shopping, that sunhat will be your best friend.

If you didn’t make your own fancy hat but found the perfect one, maybe at one of our stores or on our website, don’t be afraid to take it out of that hatbox during the year.  An afternoon tea or outdoor wedding would be a great time to show it off again.  Even a gloomy day when you need a pick me up, wear it no matter what you’re doing.

Scala Flower Headband

It will make you smile.

Kentucky Derby hats are not just a one-trick-pony.  Kentucky Derby hats can go the distance!

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Viki Spector has worked at Village Hat Shop since 1999 as Manager of the Old Sacramento store and in recent years, General Manager of all the 'brick and mortar' stores. Now turning her knowledge of the hat industry and retail to writing and editing for the online channel. Born in the Missouri Ozarks and landing in northern California via Chicago with a background in art, advertising and raising 3 kids, Viki brings a unique perspective to this side of the business. And people have always told her she looked good in hats.