Need an Attitude Adjustment? Get a Hat.

Hats. Hats. Hats.  5,000 square feet and all you see are hats.  WOW.   Our flagship store located in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego is a must visit.  Recently remodeled, the Hillcrest location is the crowning jewel of our 4 brick and mortar stores.  If hats are your thing, you are a very lucky person if you live in San Diego or Long Beach.   For the rest of  you, it’s a great vacation destination – hint, hint.

  “If you’re a hat virgin like myself, stop by this shop and your life will change forever.”  – Joshua on Yelp

Our customers are our best advertising – read on for  customer photos and reviews  from our website and excerpts from Yelp.    Take a look at all the smiling faces, we think you’ll agree that hats are all about attitude.

Hattie's Grandson Phil

Bang.   Giggle.   Bang Bang.  Chuckle.   Sawing noises.   Loud laughing.    No, this is not the sound effect directions for the new Stephen King movie.   Just a day at the hat shop.  My contractor emerged from the back room where he was building shelves to say,  “This must be the happiest place outside of Disneyland. ”  It’s true,  there’s a lot of smiling and laughing that goes on when you throw a hat into the ring.   A hat can make any day a Disney day.

 ” Bored?  Want an hour or so filled with laughing at your friends and family?” – Paula on Yelp

“Every time I go to this place I leave happy.  They have so many hats.  I mean every flippin thing you can think of.  From Dr Seuss to Indiana Jones and beyond.   I love bringing people from out of town to this place because they enjoy trying on everything and it’s just a fun place.” – Farakh on Yelp

blog attitude rose fascinMichaelRachelCarman

If you are a hat lover, and can’t pass up a hat shop, then you have probably been in places where  you are  “not allowed” to try on hats, you can not even take a photograph of one – on or off your head.    At the Village Hat Shop brick and mortar stores, we encourage exactly the opposite.  Try on hats – how are you going to figure out that a fedora makes you look like Johnny Depp and a beret brings out the Che in you?  We see big smiles when you have to admit you look pretty good in a hat, and bigger laughs when that pirate hat your friend plopped on your head makes everyone go “Aaaargh, matey.”

“We tried on tons of hats. We were even allowed to take pictures.  Almost all of us left with a new hat.” – Pete on Yelp

“Their knowledge and stylistic expertise proved invaluable in helping us decide in our selections. Also, they let us be a little silly and try on any hat we wished.” – Barry on Yelp

“There’s just something about a fez that makes people want to put it on, especially when they are having cocktails.” – Sonny, VHS Review


Surfside  IV

Some days, it’s not about sun protection and it’s not about fashion – some days it’s all about fun and feeling good.  It’s a little known fact that putting on a hat  can change your attitude.   All of a sudden you feel mysterious, smart, kooky – your friends take notice.


“My latest impulsive decision was that I needed a “fabulous hat,” simply to wear while walking around and being fabulous, often while wearing red lipstick.” – Kim on Yelp

“The hat is like the one my dad wore in the 40`s, great looking and turns heads according to my wife, be careful.” – Howard, VHS Review


Pilates teacher Scott Brenda

“In a town of tattoos and mohawks, this hat turns heads.” -Matthew, VHS Review

“I felt beautiful and it completed my ensemble to perfection!! Also, I have never received so many compliments in my life from both friends and strangers alike.” – Patricia, VHS Review

“Oh yes it has a style of swagger –  I have been searching all over for this hat, can hardly wait to wear it out on the town.” – Charles, VHS Review

“This may be a man’s hat, but it looks awesome on a woman too. I’ve gotten stopped in the store by strangers admiring my hat.” – Vicki, VHS Review

Nicole Jebel Ali Jen

The next time you have ‘one of those days’,  maybe you get up on the wrong side of the bed or your dog thought your smartphone was a chew toy – get in your car,  hop on a plane,  get yourself to the Village Hat Shop to try on some hats.   If a road trip is not on the agenda, then browse our website.  Call and ask our hat experts anything.   Our toll-free line (1-888-847-4287) will connect you directly to a person in our San Diego headquarters.   You never know what you might find – but I guarantee it will lift your spirits.   As Frank Sinatra famously said, “Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”


 “I must admit I have never been to Village Hat Shop in San Diego…I’m writing this review because I have ordered online from I did not have to leave the comfort of my home, fight traffic, hunt down a parking spot, etc… you get the point. All I had to do was stroke my keyboard on my laptop in the comfort of my living room.” – Flower on Yelp

“I give them 5 stars, service is excellent and fitting chart is easy.” – Joyce (online shopper), VHS Review


Come to one of our stores, like Pete and Barry did, and try on some hats.  Or visit our online store like Flower did.  However you find us,  we’ll put a hat on your head and a smile on your face.

About Viki Spector

Viki Spector has worked at Village Hat Shop since 1999 as Manager of the Old Sacramento store and in recent years, General Manager of all the 'brick and mortar' stores. Now turning her knowledge of the hat industry and retail to writing and editing for the online channel. Born in the Missouri Ozarks and landing in northern California via Chicago with a background in art, advertising and raising 3 kids, Viki brings a unique perspective to this side of the business. And people have always told her she looked good in hats.