The Bucket Hat Makes a Comeback!

Traditionally, bucket hats were worn by fisherman and farmers. With a 360 degree brim, the bucket hat protects your eyes and ears from the harsh rays of the sun – a bucket a day keeps the doctor away!

Fisherman in bucket hat

In the late 1980’s, bucket hats became mainstream – thanks to the rap community. Sugar Hill Gang’s Big Bank Hank had the honor of being the first rapper to wear a bucket hat in a rap music video, which happened to be the first rap video. Run DMC wore Kangol bucket hats from time to time, but no rapper adopted the fuzzy Kangol and made it as mainstream as LL Cool J. Every now and then he switched it up with a canvas version, but his endorsement of the bucket hat took the Kangol logo from dope accessory to a must-have piece.

LL Cool J Kangol Bucket Hat

LL Cool J donning his signature Kangol bucket hat in the late ’80s.

Earlier in the year the stages at the SXSW music festival were littered with bucket hats of all shapes, sizes and colors!

SXSW Bucket Hats

These functional, yet fashionable statement hats have been seen on the likes of Rihanna, Diddy, Heidi Klum, Leonardo DiCaprio and Lamar Odom.

Celebs and Bucket Hats

It’s refreshing to see bucket hats make a comeback. It may or may not be your style, but it’s a nice little break from the snapback and fitted ball caps we’re use to seeing.