The Tilt of Your Hat

Tina1So, you’ve just ordered a hat online.  This hat could be something you have been searching for and have not been able to find, until now.  Or, you want the hat for that party this Saturday.  Either way, you are excited and anxiously waiting for the delivery man to walk your new hat to your door step.  You may even call us to find out when the box will arrive, even though you just ordered that morning.

Finally your hat arrives, you place it on your head and take a look in the mirror.  Somehow the hat does not look as good as you imagined – the fit seems a little bit off.  Suddenly, you don’t feel as beautiful or as dashing as you thought you would…. the hat is softer or stiffer than you had anticipated.

WAIT!  Don’t give up, and don’t fill out the return form just yet.

How is the fit of the hat on your head?  Just like shoes, your hat may be stiffer at first then you deem Tina2comfortable.  Your new hat may need a bit of steam from a tea pot or iron.  A small amount of hand manipulation could also help.  Did you insert some hat sizing to make the hat smaller, if necessary?  Many hats have the ability to tweak the shape or size to suit your head shape, and achieve the look you are seeking.

Is the hat placed properly on your head, to show off the style at its best advantage? Yes, the tilt of the hat makes a huge difference in the look. A shirt on backwards feels awkward, and looks funny. Play with the hat, tilt it to the side, place it down on your forehead, and tweak it to the right or to the left. Look in the mirror.

Voilà! I think you will find, more often or not, that you will suddenly feel great with just the right twist or tilt of your new hat.