What’s the Best Selling Hat in July? RIDLEY…Who?

Numbers don’t lie.  The Jaxon Ridley C-Crown Fedora is July’s best selling summer hat here at the Village Hat Shop.  Must be the name, right?

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According to Wikipedia, Ridley is the Japanese name of the primary villain in a Nintendo video game called Metroid.  For all those gamers out there, what better way to tackle the day than wearing a hat named after an extra-terrestrial dragon?   Ridley and the Space Pirates need all the friends they can get.

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“Ridley” in Super Metroid, 1986

If speed is your thing,  then check out Ridley bicycles.  It’s so fast that FAST is in its name.  The winner of the 2013 Tour de France was riding a Ridley Noah FAST.  I’m not kidding.  OK,  it was only Stage 6 on the Tour – but I don’t think I could win any of the stages.  Just saying.

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A quick search on Twitter and I found several ‘Ridleys’ but my favorite has to be ‘Ridley the Pug.’  This pug has a lot to say on Twitter, but he’s not very hat-savvy.   He should meet  Bangoo.  Bangoo knows all about hats.  Most days you’ll find Bangoo at the VHS warehouse.  She’s a big help to our buyer because she looks so good in all kinds of hats.

blog ridley bangooMy last Ridley is Sir Ridley Scott.   I started with aliens and end with Alien,  Director Sir Ridley’s breakout sci-fi movie in 1979.   My sources tell me that Sir Ridley is the real genesis of the name, not alien dragons or bikes or pugs.  Knighted in 2003 for his contribution to the British film industry,  Sir Ridley brings with his name a modern sophistication,  a tip of the hat (pun intended) to the movies where a fedora helps define a character.

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