Women are being cheated, and it just isn’t fair.  Being in the hat business for 32 years I notice hats.  Gorgeous hats have adorned beautiful models and actresses in fashion magazines for years.  Wide brimmed fancies are prevalent at weddings, luncheons, the races, and funerals.  Casual hats protect the skin at the beach, the park, sporting events, and for a walk around town.  The styles range from gorgeous creations to cute functionality.  So, what’s the problem?  If you have a head size larger than a size medium (or 7-1/8) all the bounty in headwear is not for you.  Manufacturers of women’s hats have been cutting corners for years, by clumping all women in the one hat size bucket.  Can you imagine if they made shoes in just one size, or dresses, etc.?  Men get hats in either specific sizing, or grouped sizing. (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large)  But, with few exceptions women get one size.

    Why, how did this happen? If you have seen an old movie from the 30’s and 40’s you may have noticed everyone wore a hat.  Hats were just like shoes.  You did not leave your house without a hat on.  Women would wear their hats indoors as well.  If a woman during that era removed her hat indoors, her carefully styled hairdo might get mussed.  Sometime during the late 50’s and 60’s life became less structured and the rules changed.  Women stopped wearing hats as part of their uniform and hat sales plummeted. 

    The modern woman of 2012 knows we don’t have to wear a hat, and many have decided they want to wear them.  Even if you are not a hat lover, there is still an event or occasion when you want to, or have to wear one.  For sun/rain protection, for warmth, to represent your team, for style or respect, there will always be an occasion when a hat is required.

    Hats are popular in 2012.  Women want to wear hats, but if you don’t fit into the medium head size mold your choices are limited.  I too am at a disadvantage because I wear a 7-3/8 hat size.   What can we do? 

  1. The good news is that some hat makers are broadening their size ranges.  I have noticed more hats coming in a medium and large size in the past couple of years.  Check the drop down menus and see if more sizes are available.
  2. Some hats like the Scala Lanikai have an adjustable string inside the headband, to tighten or loosen based on your hat size.
  3. Many styles are unisex.  And any unisex hats are made in a range of sizes, since men wear these hats also.  Fedoras are popular, and well as ivy caps.  Whether you have a larger head size, or smaller head size, all of these options are available for you. 
  4. You can wear a traditional man’s hat if the style suits you and trim with ribbons, scarves, silk flowers, etc. whatever suits your fancy.
  5. Two major hat companies, Tilley Endurables, and SunBody Hats make their women’s hats in the full range of sizes.  Both companies are also offering more feminine styles each season.

    Tilley TH8 Hat – Natural with Black
    Sunbody 5 in wide brim straw hat
    SunBody 5 inch Wide Brim Straw Hat

  6. Kate Middleton wears hats, and she often wears Fascinators.  A Fascinator is a hat that is attached to your head with a headband.  Headbands will virtually fit all head sizes.  Fascinators are very popular right now, and can be just the answer if your head is too big, or too small for that matter.

    Kate-middleton hat 4

  7. If you are unable to find the hat you want in the size you need, email or call us and we will do our best to help.  We have the ability to stretch a hat, and to size a hat down.  We may have another similar alternative that will fit you.

Finally, we all need to tell the hat makers that we deserve, we demand hats that are made to fit our heads.  Every woman is unique, we are not cookie cutter size mediums.  


  1. Amy Taylor
    August 7, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Hear, Hear! As a fellow Fat Head (I wear a seven-and-a-half) I cannot cram my big head into the one-size-fits-all women’s hat. I have passed up many hats because of this. Do the hat manufacturers care at all about lost sales due to their non-sizing? Apparently they don’t. I love pillbox hats, which don’t require “sizing,” but someday I’d love to wear a cloche. All the fitted ones I’ve found are WAY out of my price range at several hundreds of dollars and up. I was all prepared this a.m. to buy one of the new Etsis hats, but alas! They are only one size, and that’s too small for me. Thanks for letting me blow off steam — I’d love to clobber who ever it was who decided that all women’s hats should fit the “average” head!

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