Yay or Nay for the Olympic Beret?

Team USA’s uniforms for the 2012 Olympics have made a BIG splash. When they were revealed to the world, initial reactions were a bit more negative than positive. Ralph Lauren, the designer of the uniforms, described the looks as “classic silhouettes in a timeless palette,”. Despite this timelessness of the disigns, it seems that everyone found something to nitpick. Many thought the uniform was too “European” with the French-styled berets. Some critics even remarked that it would be more “American” to wear a baseball cap, making the uniform not so “preppy”.


Here at the Village Hat Shop we love berets – anywhere and everywhere. Considering that the Olympics Cermonial Uniforms are used to unify the athletes as they represent their respective nations, perhaps the Team USA’s uniform should have been more tailored to American fashion tastes. What do you think? Are you a fan of Team USA’s Olympic Beret?


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