Boardwalk Empire Attire

Boardwalk Empire is a symbolic showcase of the Prohibition period in American history, 1920’s to 30’s. Chock full of the definitive staples of the era- newsboy caps, fedoras, zoot suits, … Continue Reading →


Hats on the Scene: The Other Woman

The Other Woman (2014) This year, movie goers were treated to yet another formulaic and vapid contrivance passed off as “romantic comedy” – The Other Woman. While this film may … Continue Reading →


The Kentucky Derby: A Stream of Thought Project

You buy a ticket, general admission in your nicest attire. You look around to see that you are not out of place. Flawless tailoring, hosting a new Demographic. An homage … Continue Reading →


Why Criminals Wear Hats

When I think of criminals, I think of hats - Al Capone wore a hat, Bugsy Siegel wore a hat, Bonnie and Clyde wore hats, John Dillinger wore a hat (or at … Continue Reading →


Hats for Summer Festivals

Are you going to Coachella Week 2? How about Sasquatch? Lollapalooza? Before you venture off to those epic summer festivals that everyone wants to attend, you need a hat for that … Continue Reading →


Newton’s First Law of Hat Buying

As a recently labeled “shiftless layabout,” I have begun to worry about inertia.  Newton’s famous first law of motion tells me that I will be a couch potato forever if … Continue Reading →


7 Greatest Hat Wearing Cartoon Characters of All Time

This… list… was… TOUGH!  There are so many worthy and distinguished candidates that were left out of our Top 7 list and if there was ever a time for an … Continue Reading →


The Equador

In the early 1800’s Italy produced Giuseppe Borsalino. Later that same century, an American, John B. Stetson became household a household name.  However, perhaps the 19th century’s biggest contribution to … Continue Reading →


Don’t Give Up Hats for Lent

Around the office people are talking about what to give up for Lent. Last year, the three biggest things trending on twitter to give up for lent were Twitter (ironically), … Continue Reading →


17 Years Online

I was a homemaker, a housewife, a relic of the days of Mad Men. Sure I worked part time at a one of the Village Hat Shop retail stores but … Continue Reading →